Orphan Black: Season 2

orphanblackThis show is so good! Just stop whatever you’re doing and go watch it. Actually, you’ll have to be quick because it’s only got 2 more days on iplayer and the dvd hasn’t got a release date listed on Amazon. But you can get season 1 on dvd and at least get started there.

I think this show is going to be one of those like Buffy, Battlestar or Twin Peaks that lives on and on and certain people talk about in hallowed tones. It’s got that kind of depth and complexity to it, without getting lost in convolution that can easily leave you disengaged (X-Files, I’m looking at you). The story never loses sight of the people involved, the politics and science is always grounded in the people whose lives are irreparably impacted by events beyond their control.
Each of the characters is caught up in different ways, some are voluntarily entwined or relish the excitement, but most of them would like nothing more than to be somewhere else and to have their normal lives back again. Their disbelief at the craziness, their moments of levity and desperate attempts at normality ground the show and make it believable.

I did my best to go as long as possible before mentioning the incredible performance of Tatiana Maslany, because I want to reinforce that this show is about so much more than ‘just’ that. But if people only watch the show for her performance, they’re still going to be more than satisfied. The fact that most of the characters with their unique responses are played by the same actress is just remarkable. The way she manages to make each character utterly unique is an incredible achievement, if for nothing more than the technical accomplishment of her having emotionally intense conversations with herself. The moment where one clone pretends to be another, and the audience is perfectly aware that it’s one playing another… utterly breath-taking. Mosley doesn’t so much deserve every acting award out there, she deserves a whole category all to herself.

The supporting cast though also deserves praise. Jordan Gavaris as Felix often delivers the levity, but he can turn on the drama too and his specific relationships with each clone helps sell the different characters. Young Skyler Wexler as Kira is utterly heartbreaking, and Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs S keeps you guessing all the time.

With the final moments of season 2 we’re all set up for the story to keep growing in season 3. I hope it doesn’t fall down the rabbit hole that shows like X-Files or Twin Peaks did, but even if it did, I’m sure I’ll still be blown away by Maslany’s acting master class


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