Five Things I Didn’t Bother With

You may have noticed recently something of a lean period when it comes to posts on this blog. This is at least partially due to a rather lean period in my tv watching (also by apathy and laziness of course). If I don’t watch stuff I can’t review it, and even if I do watch it I need to find something to say about it. Usually I don’t find that a problem (more often shutting me up is the issue) but recently, I just seem to watch stuff and have very little reaction to it. So here is what’s likely to be a pretty dull summary of “things I’ve watched and not cared about”.

legacyThe Legacy (Arvingerne)
More scandi-drama. I made it about 4 episodes in to this one before I stalled. It’s kind of like Brothers and Sisters, but with a lot more drama, infinitely less humour and considerably less likeable characters. Oh and subtitles of course. If it hadn’t been subtitled I might have stuck with it as at least then I could do other things while watching. Although did I only start watching it because it had subtitles? Anyway, I’m not going to dedicate another 6 hours or so of my life to it when I could use that time to play Candy Crush. Or you know, something actually useful.

Heavily promoted by Sky, as basically a Scandi-noir without the subtitles this had a lot of build up and left me under-whelmed. Ironically (particularly compared to The Legacy) I might have been more engaged if it DID have subtitles, because I wouldn’t have been able to get distracted. Something else that may have worked in the show’s favour is if the first episode had only been a single. After what felt like an age I asked the sky box how was left and actually shouted at it in disbelief when it said there was still over an hour to go. The sense of doom didn’t engage me, the careful allocation of one secret to every person was just a bit tedious, I couldn’t quite keep track of the connections between characters and some of the actors (Michael Gambon in particular) seemed to be in an entirely different show. I haven’t deleted the rest of the series yet, Stanley Tucci’s arrival towards the end did inject some energy, but I’m not optimistic I’ll bother picking it back up.

wolfhallWolf Hall
I’ve not read the book. I do own the book (it was a Christmas gift) but when I realised the timing of the TV series and that I wouldn’t be able to finish the huge book it before that started, I figured it probably made more sense to watch first. I didn’t make it more than 15 minutes into the first episode before I gave up. Yes, yes the period detail is lovely blah blah, but dear god I was bored! I don’t know whether I was supposed to know who people were and why they were important through general knowledge, but I didn’t. I didn’t know what they were talking about, I didn’t know how it worked and I just could be bothered to wait around to find out. It’s still collecting on my sky box, but I’m not optimistic.

MurderFirstIntertitleMurder in the First
Unremarkable American procedural with by-the-numbers story telling and characters. It’s fine, all the nuts and bolts are ok, but it’s just utterly lacking in anything that makes it worth returning to, I barely made it through the first episode.

NCISNewOrleansNCIS: New Orleans
I enjoyed watching NCIS: Original Flavour for years before realising that I was spending more time being frustrated with the erratic characterisation and ignoring the formulaic cases then I was being entertained by the dialogue and characters. I am still enjoying NCIS: Los Angeles because similarly, I love the dialogue, characters and relationships, and thus far the cases have just about kept my interest and the frustrations haven’t appeared. NCIS: New Orleans unfortunately combined an unexciting plot with characters that didn’t pop and dialogue that was overwhelmed by accents. The love story with New Orleans didn’t really work for me and the concept just didn’t seem to have anything to distinguish it from the other series. Another firm “can’t be bothered” stamp.


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