Upfronts 2015: The CW

cwThe CW – home of young, pretty people with problems. Superheroes, monsters, vampires, survivors of the apocalypse, Mary Queen of Scots, zombies and a woman accidentally impregnated with her boss’s baby. You know, the usual day to day issues that life throws at you. The CW only has about a dozen shows on its schedules and many are very long running, so there’s only a couple of cancellations and a couple of new shows.

Cancelled of finished
Hart of Dixie ran for four seasons, The Messengers was cancelled after only three episodes with spectacularly low ratings even for The CW.

What’s returning
Supernatural - Season 5Supernatural continues into its eleventh season. I gave up on the show several years ago, not because it wasn’t good but because the relentless misery inflicted on the main characters just depressed me too much. Skimming the summary of recent episodes, that really doesn’t seem to have changed any!

Ranked up behind it are various super hero and supernatural-lower-case offerings. Arrow and The Flash share a universe and go into seasons 4 and 2. The Vampire Diaries will enter season 7 without its leading lady, which should be interesting, while its spinoff The Originals goes into season 3. The vampires are followed up with zombies with the unfortunately named, but apparently not bad iZombie getting a second season and Beauty and the Beast, a series I never hear anything at all about, getting renewed for season 4. A couple more teen focussed series, The 100 set in the future and Reign set in the past are both renewed for third seasons.

Jane_the_Virgin_logo (1)The real star of the network though would be Jane the Virgin, which is not only good, but so good that it won the CW its first ever Peabody and Golden Globe (for leading actress Gina Rodriguez) awards. Unsurprisingly it will return for season 2.

New series

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: joining the Arrow and Flash universe are a misfit bunch of superheroes who travel through time to battle a supervillain. It’s got a huge challenge ahead of it to overcome the obvious “budget Avengers” label. It’s a shame that so many of the characters seem to overlap with Marvel universe and the dialogue in the trailer didn’t quite land. Still, nice idea.

Containment: There’s a virus, it’s fatal and while the authorities try to contain it, those inside the containment are trying to survive. This looks like it’s on some kind of exchange trip with Supergirl on CBS as each show seems lost on the network that’s showing it, and I think that’s a real shame for both shows’ survival chances.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: OK. There just aren’t really words to describe this one. Just watch the trailer and marvel at the weirdness.


One thought on “Upfronts 2015: The CW

  1. The “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” was definitely the most entertaining of the bunch! Have you seen Rachel Bloom’s videos on YouTube? “We Don’t Need a Man” is probably closest to the style of that series:

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