The Upfronts 2017 – The CW

Sorry these have been so slow!

What’s done
The Vampire Diaries was retired after 8 seasons, but is survived by its spinoff The Originals. Reign lasted 4 rather improbable seasons. Frequency and No Tomorrow didn’t survive their first seasons.

What’s coming back
A while ago, Supernatural had a five year arc, now it’s back for season thirteen. Mind you I gave up a few years ago because I got a bit depressed at how things just kept getting worse and worse for the characters, so who knows how miserable it is by now. Nearly half the schedule is occupied with the DC universe: Arrow (season 6), The Flash (season 4), Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl (both season 3). The Originals and The 100 both return for season 5; iZombie and Jane the Virgin both for season 4, and Crazy Ex Girlfriend for season 3. Riverdale was the only new series to survive to a second season.

What’s new

Black Lightning – another super hero. This looks like the CW version of Luke Cage, with a reluctant superhero becoming a vigilante against a neighbourhood gang; it’s just there’s some teenagers thrown in to make it CW. It looks ok, and apparently isn’t part of the Flash/Arrow/etc family so at least there’s no need to catch up on all gazillion episodes of those to watch this.

Dynasty – Was anyone out there really saying “what we need is to remake Dynasty, because everyone wants to watch rich white people’s dramas”? I mean, they really go for it, fully embracing the melodrama and shamelessness, but it just feels incredibly wrong.

Life Sentence – She thought she was going to die, now she’s not and she has to work out what to do with her life. I liked the trailer a lot, yeah it’s schmaltzy and obvious, but the cast pulls it off and watching it immediately after the Dynasty one buys it a lot of positivity. I worry though that the central idea will run out of gas quickly, I just hope they can manage to ground everything else before it grinds to a halt.

Valor – a military/conspiracy theory drama that feels completely out of place in the rest of the CW lineup and I suspect it will lack the conviction to really follow through on the subjects.


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