The Upfronts 2018 – ABC

That time of year again already and I failed to do these overviews in any sort of timely fashion. In the interests of speed, I’m not going to talk about cancelled or renewed shows that I have never seen.

Bye Bye
A few of abc’s long runners were retired relatively gracefully this year, although I’m not sure the word ‘graceful’ and Scandal really go together, the 7 seasons were a ridiculous ride and although I still followed it via spoilers, I gave up around season 4. Once Upon a Time also managed 7 seasons, but I only watched the first. I did enjoy it, and really loved the original concept, but I lost track of the multitude of characters and never returned. The two seasons of Designated Survivor were quite popular with a few of my friends, but despite watching the first couple of episodes twice I just couldn’t get into it.

It was another tough year for new series at abc, the only one I saw any of was Marvel’s Inhumans which had such an atrociously awful premier that it baffles me anyone dared air it, let alone the whole season of eight episodes. I had been looking forward to The Crossing, which I’d been stacking up to watch on Amazon, but given it only aired 6 episodes, I probably won’t bother.

See you again soon
Shonda Rhimes continues to rule, Grey’s Anatomy found its feat again this year and will unsurprisingly be back for a 15th season, alongside a second season of firefighter spin-off Station 19 which I really hope finds its mojo soon. I’m very happy to see Marvel’s Agents of Shield not cancelled, but with incredibly low ratings and only a shortened sixth season to air next summer, I think this may be its last. The Good Doctor is one of the big successes from the new shows and gets a second season. I watched the pilot but it just didn’t grab me.

Hello there

The Fix – Movie star aquited of murdering his wife, 8 years later his girlfriend is murdered. Did he do it? Seems to focus on the prosecution team. No one seems likeable and I just didn’t care.

Whiskey Cavalier – A pair of spies who hate each other. Blah blah blah. Scott Foley and Lauren Cohen deserve infinitely better.

The Kids are Alright – A family with 8 boys growing up in the 70s. Pretty generic and low on laughs, but Mary McCormack and Michael Cudlitz are good names.

The Rookie – A middle aged guy decides to change his life and becomes a police office in LA. What does it matter what it’s about, it’s got Nathan Fillion in it.

A Million Little Things – A group of friends dealing with life. It’s This is Us meets Friends, probably very bingeable.

Grand Hotel – Good grief. This look hideous! it lacks the necessary wit that something like Jane the Virgin had and is just utterly awful.

Single Parents – Well, on the plus side it’s an original variation on the theme of inept parenting, but I didn’t smile, let alone laugh.


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