The Upfronts 2018 – Fox

Bye bye
I’m a big fan of Lucifer so I’m sorry to see it cancelled after three seasons, although even I admit that the show as a whole doesn’t live up to the quality of some of its characters/actors. The X-Files is cancelled again which I’m not that sad about given watching the new series just reminded me about how bad the original series could be. The Exorcist was a show I meant to watch but never got round to and has been cancelled after its second season. Four comedies bit the dust – The New Girl finished as planned after a short seventh season, Last Man on Earth made it four seasons, The Mick made it two and LA to Vegas only got one.

See you again soon
I enjoy Lethal Weapon as mindless entertainment, and while it will be back for a third season it will be without the lead character of Riggs who is having to be replaced because the actor has been let go for what must be catastrophically bad behaviour to warrant jeopardising a successful show. Not sure if that one will work out. The animations continue with The Simpsons had already been renewed for its 30th season as part of a two year deal, and Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers were renewed for 17th and 9th seasons respectively. Empire and Gotham will both return for fifth seasons, but it will be the last one for Gotham. For some reason that utterly escapes me, Fox have also renewed Last Man Standing the Tim Allen comedy that was cancelled by ABC and has been off air for a year.

It was a pretty good year for new drama at fox, 9-1-1, The Gifted, The Orville, and The Resident will all return – I’ve watched none of them, although I think I’ve got a load of The Gifted and The Resident backed up on the Sky box.

Hello there

The Passage – I really didn’t understand what was happening, but the cast and production values look good.

Proven Innocent – very similar to Conviction, the Hayley Atwell show from a few years ago, except lacking the bite and with more sanctimonious speeches.

Rel – were those genuinely the best parts of the pilot that they could put together?

The Cool Kids – old people. Aren’t they funny.


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