The Upfronts 2018 – NBC

Bye bye
The Brave and Rise both failed to survive their first seasons – I’d actually been looking forward to Rise (high school musical theatre starring Josh Radner, but it got terrible terrible reviews). Shades of Blue (the Jennifer Lopez vehicle) got three seasons, while Great News and Taken only got two seasons each. Timeless is still on the bubble, it got cancelled then renewed last season, I don’t think it’s likely to be saved again.

See you again soon
It’s weird that the only thing I watch from NBC is actually a half hour comedy, but The Good Place is SO good that it even gets past my tin ear for comedy, the third season can’t come soon enough. I also plan to watch This is Us whenever the 2nd season appears on Amazon, although I’m not certain how long the jumping timelines can be drawn out once so many reveals have been done. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has been renewed for a 20th season which will tie it to the original Law & Order and Gunsmoke as longest running American scripted drama, it seems unlikely they’ll cancel it before it takes the record. All the Chicagos will be back (Fire, Med, PD), The Blacklist continues into season 6 and Blindspot into season 4. Good Girls is a new series that I’ve got my eye on (I’ll watch Christina Hendricks in almost anything) and now it’s been picked up for season 2 I’ll definitely seek it out, ditto for Midnight Texas.
Will & Grace had already been renewed for its 11th season (or 3rd season of the revival). Superstore goes into season 4, and A.P. Bio gets a second season.

NBC has also rescued the Fox series Brooklyn Nine-Nine after a massive fan outcry when Fox cancelled it. I’ve never watched it, but it’s just a nice feeling when that sort of thing happens (not that I’m still bitter about Firefly or anything).

Hello there

Manifest – a bit Lost, but this is the first trailer I’ve seen that actually made me really want to watch the show.

I Feel Bad – I’m starting to worry, I kind of liked this one too.

New Amsterdam – generic medical drama, but yup, that one got me too. I think they’ve officially broken me.

Abby’s – a group of people hanging out in a bar – sounds like Cheers
The Enemy Within – a former spy is brought out of prison to help solve present cases – sounds like the Blacklist
The Inbetween – a woman who can talk to the dead helps solve cases with the police – sounds like iZombie
The Village – a group of ‘characters’ who live in an apartment building – sounds like… well pretty much every other show out there.


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