Films in March

With Jordan Peele’s second film I was expecting something similar to Get Out, so was slightly surprised to find a more classic slasher film than creepy psychological thriller. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the genre so am probably not the best person to review this film, but it seemed to me like a good example of the genre. The set up was solid, the characters vibrant enough, the bad guys suitably creepy and scary. I really liked the humour of it, watching it in a cinema there were a lot of laughs that were well placed to break the tension. The ending I thought was a bit ‘meh’, I’d almost rather they didn’t explain it at all as the back story just felt incredibly underdeveloped and improbable. Not really my kind of film, but well done (I think).

Rachel Weisz is an incredibly watchable performer, but the film as a whole is a bit of a slog. I never felt I had a good grasp of the orthodox Jewish community that was really at the centre of the film, and so I couldn’t really understand where the boundaries were that the estranged Ronit was pushing. It was just too slow to really hold my attention even with Weisz.

Velvet Buzzsaw
This was all over the place. There were bits of it that came close to doing something interesting, but then kept drifting back towards predictable and unimaginative, or just bludgeon you with the idea until it feel worn out. There are characters that set off in a direction and then lurch in a different one; great actors that are delivering in one scene and then phoning it in in another. There are some beautiful shots, but just like the way it is presenting the modern art world – it’s all surface and no substance.

The Usual Suspects
The first time I watched this film, many years ago, I didn’t really enjoy it because I didn’t know what was going on (almost certainly ‘cos I wasn’t paying attention). This time watching it, I didn’t really enjoy it because I knew what was going on. When you know the twist at the end the rest of the film is just not that exciting.


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