I started this blog as a home for my thoughts and ramblings on television shows. I watch a lot of television. Not that rubbish stuff you understand, no reality shows or soap operas, I sprinkle in a few documentaries and a couple of sitcoms, but for the most part my viewing is made up of American dramas. I watch upwards of 25 shows a year and whenever I run out of new things to watch I go on a dvd box set hunt to find things I’ve missed. This addiction combined with a delusion that I can write led to this blog.

After a few years (erm, about 7 as it turns out) I decided to expand the blog to also cover films and books. A good chunk of my time is divided between those three loves – TV, film and books, and the relative balances wax and wane, which means if I’m focusing on films, this blog suffers a lack of content. I’ve always written reviews of the books I read and the films I watch, so I just decided to finally bring them all together on this one blog. Thanks to my choice of a stupidly generic name for the blog, it all seems to fit together.

My film reviews will likely cover the sublime to the ridiculous, via the sublimely ridiculous and the ridiculously sublime. I watch almost any genre, although I struggle to stay awake during westerns, and while I try to keep on top of current films (good and bad), I also go back and watch the classics to try and understand what all the fuss is about. I take a similar approach with reading, trying to balance between classics of fiction and non-fiction, while also being a sucker for things on the “buy one get one half price” shelves at Waterstones. My reading also tends to be where my true nature of a sci-fi geek tends to come through.

I don’t profess to be a great writer or reviewer, I mostly write for myself more than anyone else anyway as I have a terrible memory and this means I can actually look up what I thought of something rather than just flounder about claiming to have seen stuff and then being unable to remember whether I even liked it or not. Neither do I claim to be ‘right’ on all these reviews, but if you want to discuss, then feel free to leave a comment!


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