I completely forgot to review this mini-series when I saw it, hence this is written a couple of weeks afterwards. The central story is basically Taken meets X-Files and isn’t exactly anything stunningly original, but it is well crafted and brings in some interesting comment on the whole ‘post 9/11 America’ thing. For this limited run there was a very nice balance of episodic and arc story-lines. The ‘freak of the week’ was always entertaining whilst the ongoing story-lines focussing on just a few of the recurring returnees were nicely paced and interlaced. The lead characters usually avoid stumbling straight into being Mulder and Scully clones. Usually.

Definitely worth watching, although don’t expect much of an ending, huge numbers of questions go unanswered, which some might find frustrating, but there’s a full series coming next summer, when I dare-say we’ll get a couple of answers, but even more new questions.