Desperate Housewives: Season 2

I didn’t find this show’s second season as compelling on a week by week basis as the first season, but it’s a lot better when watching it in big chunks. I have the overwhelming desire to hit most of the characters at least once during the season, often once per episode, but it’s still addictive and great fun to watch. I love the voice-overs that bind the different elements together, I love that it can make me laugh and cry simultaneously.

DVD Special Features
A nice edition at a very reasonable price. There are some good fun special features and a lot of time dedicated to deleted scenes and story lines that weren’t pursued which are interesting and (for once) they were all actually worth watching. Sadly I couldn’t actually find a couple of the features I was most looking forward – bloopers (always funny) and a feature on the desperate husbands.


Desperate Housewives: Season 1

Pure trashy fun, something of a guilty pleasure and the first thing for a very long time I’ve actually watched weekly on TV. The ‘average’ suburban street of Wysteria Lane is anything but average with murder, fires, drugs and mystery merged in with adultery, bitchiness and hilarity. The housewives and their lives are all very different, but they unite together to try and find out why their friend Mary-Alice committed suicide. While that mystery runs throughout (and is actually ‘resolved’ by the end of the season) it’s the little stories of their every day lives that create the most fun and hilarity. The set up for the next season looks intriguing and so long as the bitchiness and the one liners continue I’ll even put up with adverts to watch it.

DVD Special Features
A nice box set with a good selection of special features. The commentaries by creator Mark Cherry are funny and interesting, drifting from on-set anecdotes to details about production effortlessly. The making of features are also very well put together with input from a range of cast and crew. The cheesy “Oprah is the new housewife” is kinda funny but kinda horrific at the same time. The out-takes are unsurprisingly hilarious. The only irritation is the menu system – there are deleted scenes which are in the bonus features menu, then there’s extended episodes which have different deleted scenes put back in but are separate. Why make them different? Why not either re-edit all the deleted scenes back in? And why not just put the extended episodes into the play all function? I ended up having to go in and out of multiple menus to make sure I watched everything. But overall a great box set only slightly marred by a daft menu system.