Ugly Betty

This series is pure indulgent trash. I’d probably rank it alongside Gossip Girl in terms of the high level of enjoyment and low level of meaningful content. Even Desperate Housewives has more meaning than this show.
I was put off by the title when it originally started and had zero faith that it wouldn’t turn into a “look she’s ugly, but after a few episodes we’ll polish her up and suddenly she’s a swan”. But at least for the first season they’re pretty true to the character and she retains zero fashion sense or (for the most part) any care about that. I love that she’s pretty happy with herself and the way she gains confidence is very satisfying. The surrounding characters are all equally believable in overblown ways, the friendship and respect that grows between Betty and Daniel is lovely and the bitchiness between Mark and Amanda is delicious. The series is entertaining because of the unpleasant bitchiness of most of the characters, but for every 3 hours of nastiness each characters gets a few seconds of humanity which makes everything else forgiven.

I really enjoyed this series, it’s pure fun and ice-cream. It’s all completely ridiculous, but it’s bright and cheerful and an antidote to any bad day.