Weeds: Season 1

This is a strange show, similar in tone and subject to Desperate Housewives, a comedy drama showing that there’s more to suburbia than meets the eye. Being half an hour long I expected it to be more on the comedy side, but the subject matter is more questionable and challenging. The idea of a struggling widow selling marijuana to spoilt soccer mums and their badgered husbands is funny to start with. However as she expands her client base to university and starts taking bigger risks it becomes darker and more unsettling. I found myself losing sympathy for her, she was no longer just doing what she needed to keep her family together, she was breaking the law with enthusiasm and ambition. It just didn’t quite sit right.

However, regardless of how I felt about the concept, I enjoyed the other elements of the show. The cast is charismatic and very enjoyable to watch. I was apparently one of the few West Wing fans to actually like Mary Louise Parker and she brings the same charm and energy to this role.

I think it’s probably a good thing that the series is only 10 episodes long, more than that and I may have become too concerned with the direction it was taking. But for most of those episodes, just sitting watching it, I was entertained, so it definitely did its job.