Boston Legal: Season 1

Season 1 is a strangely truncated season thanks to a bizarre network decision to move the last 5 episodes from season 1 into season 2. The shortening of the season makes the whole thing seem very focussed and dense (or maybe that’s because I watched the whole thing in just a few days).

I don’t care what the labels say, this is by far more of a comedy than a drama – nothing that makes me laugh out loud and splutter my tea so many times per episode isn’t a comedy. The characters played by James Spader and William Shatner are so deliciously nasty, weird and compelling that they can steal the whole episode with just raised eyebrow. The other characters frequently suffer not because they’re bad or poorly acted, but just because they can’t compete. These two on screen seperately are brilliant, when they’re together playing off each other they’re amazing.

Plot wise it is interesting to see the lawyers fighting different sides of criminal cases and how ‘approved’ practice changes depending on the situation and the client. I can’t wait to see the 2nd season and I have just two words…

Denny Crane!


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