House: Season 3

The important thing to realise when watching House is that the plots and medicine are largely irrelevant, they’re just enablers for some brilliant one liners, arguments and character moments. Once you realise this your enjoyment of the series will increase dramatically, because to be honest, the plots are generally pretty week.

The brief arc in the first half of the season with Detective Tritter was annoying, built on a ridiculous premise and sort of snowballed up. However it did lead to interesting character interactions and shifts in the power balances, so it was considerably more watchable than it sounded on paper.

Patients of the week and their families are either interesting characters in their own rights or a catalyst for one or all of the characters. Some of them stand out – coma guy, fat guy, raped girl for example, but most are instantly forgettable.

The character development throughout the series is subtle and much more noticeable when you watch the show in a condensed way. Many of the characters are sort of growing up, Cuddy trying to have a life, Foreman and Wilson questioning their relationships with House and Chase and Cameron… well. I like that some of the characters are actually learning how to deal with House and manipulate him. One of my irritations with earlier seasons was the characters always did the same things and expected House to change. It will be very interesting to see what happens next season and if they really do change the paradigm as they seem to have indicated in the finale.


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