CSI: NY: Season 3

I like CSI New York, it’s a bit more actiony and cheesey than Las Vegas without taking things to extremes as Miami does. It also doesn’t take itself quite so seriously, the characters make fun of themselves (usually) and the whole thing just seems a little more fun. The final episode of the season is a case in point, ridiculous all out Die Hard plot with just a teeny bit of forensics thrown in to justify the CSI label.

I do sometimes feel though that they’re taking rather extreme liberties with the science and plots. It’s also getting a bit ridiculous just how often the CSIs seem to get involved with their own cases. But it’s a fun and diverting show which doesn’t make me shout too often.

DVD Special Features
I actually have the two half-season sets for this show, so watched the first half a few months ago. I was slightly frustrated when the first half came with no special features. I forgave them as they padded it out with some bonus episodes – a season 4 Miami episode which was concluded with a second season New York episode. However on reaching the end of the second dvd set I went looking for the special features only to find that it’s a completely vanilla set. Astonishingly poor showing.


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