Pilot Review: Terriers

A former cop and his laid back partner are trying to scrimp a living as non-licensed private detectives, working for favours while everyone thinks they’re losers.

I loved this show!

I put it on not knowing much about it beyond the fact that it was one of the early pilots of the year and that I could watch it and get it out of the way before the chaos of the main pilot weeks hit. But within about 20 seconds I was completely engrossed, charmed and entertained by it.

It’s really hard to not gush over how much I enjoyed watching this show, because I think a large part of my enjoyment came from the fact it is such an understated little thing. Behind the scenes are some impressive names – Shawn Ryan of The Shield, Tim Minear of Firefly and Ted Griffin of Oceans 11, but in front of the camera is no one I recognised and it’s not gained a lot of press up against all the other big pilots out there.

But this show is good. Everything about it seems to effortless, as if a group of people just got together, wrote some stuff, had some ideas, acted a bit, edited it and threw a soundtrack at it. Maybe they did it over a weekend… had a bbq on Sunday afternoon after they were done or something. It all looks so easy and natural, it didn’t feel like a script or production that had been polished to death by hundreds of people, but somehow it ended up being perfect.

I don’t actually want to say too much more. What I really want to do is lower expectations of it, so that you can be as surprised as I was by it. It really isn’t a show that’s anything special, it’s not ambitious, there’s nothing outstanding about the ideas and nothing innovative about the way they’re presented. But somehow it manages to leap off the screen and be one of the most fun things I’ve watched in a very long time.

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