Grey’s Anatomy: Season 3

Grey’s went into the year as one of the most popular shows on television; the cast and creators knew it and it sadly showed.

I was disappointed by this season. I found the writing, plot arcs and characterisation sloppy and cheap in a lot of places, peaking at a genuine jump-the-shark moment in the middle of the season and culminating in some absolutely ridiculous character turn-arounds in the last few episodes. Remembering what they’ve done to characters I love makes me want to shout and makes me dread the next season.

With that negativity done I will say that the writing on a dialogue level (as opposed to a plot level) is still superb and the ensemble of actors is just amazing. The show can get away with plot twists and character blips that look ridiculous on paper because the actors just blow me away. They can make me cry without saying a word and make me laugh with just an eyebrow. I’ll continue to watch, but this season has made me sad.

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