CSI: Season 6

I think the series is at its best when it focuses on style (such as Gumdrops) or character reactions and interactions (A Bullet Runs Through It for the detectives, Killer for a great guest star). I think the best episode of the season was probably Rashomama which told the same case from the point-of-view of each of the ‘junior’ CSIs allowing for some style and some fun interactions.

A lot of the other cases and episodes drift out of memory soon after they’re watched, there are just too many gimics and daft ideas. The episode that featured filming of a crime scene investigation reality show was probably a low point.

I’m not really sure what CSI can do in its seventh season to keep things fresh. It’s still good at what it does, but it’s getting rather repetitive and they keep getting weirder and bigger cases to try to keep going.

DVD Special Features
There’s a lot of special features in this set and writing this a week after watching them, I can remember almost none of them. The commentaries are unremarkable, in fact frequently the people talking can’t even find anything to say. There several very detailed featurettes which are interesting to watch but not breathtaking. I have to admit I didn’t quite manage to watch all of them – half hour of information about the sound editing was more than I could face.


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