Dexter: Season 1

Showtime have once again brought a television show that on paper is pushing the boundary of the ‘acceptable’, and in actuality doesn’t so much push it as barge completely through it. I was expecting a series with a lead character who’s a serial killer to be dark, but I wasn’t actually expecting that this would be a ‘proper’ serial killer, not a vigilante killing other killers for the good of humanity, but a sociopath who kills because he wants to and only limits his kills because of his father’s rules.

Dexter the character is an emotionless murderer, pretending to be normal so he doesn’t get caught. He is surrounded however by passionate people – his girlfriend, sister, the cops who surround him with drie to catch the bad guys, not realising that he is one of them. There’s some fascinating (and believable) psychology involved, particularly as the arc storylines start to poke holes in Dexter’s carefully constructed life.

This is a wonderfully intriguing and disturbing series. The character that Dexter plays is one you want to love, but his real character, revealed through the expressive voiceovers, is brutal and uncomfortable. Michael C. Hall is brilliant as all the personalities he play. The supporting actors are pretty unremarkable and the plots occasionally a bit weak, but the show is really all about the lead character and he is well worth watching for the whole twelve hours of the season.


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