The Upfronts 2014: AMC

amcWhat’s Dead
Low Winter Sun set after just one season without much fanfare as it arrived or departed. Breaking Bad finished up back in September, just creeping its way into eligibility for this year’s award season. Mad Men is dawdling its way towards a conclusion, they’re splitting season 7 into two chunks, the first half is just wrapping up, while the second half will arrive the same time next year.

What’s Returning
The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead shows no sign of slowing and has surprisingly not run out of either characters or ammunition yet, season five will start in October. Hell on Wheels will start its fourth season later this year. The American version of The Killing (Forbrydelsen) was cancelled after its third season (after also being cancelling after the second season), but it’s been picked up by Netflix for a fourth season. It’s seems the show just won’t die.

What’s New
Turn (Trailer, already airing): set during the American Revolutionary War, looking at the unlikely group of New York farmers who spied on the British for General Washington. I’m not sure of the international appeal of this story and the trailer looked utterly rubbish.

There are lots of pilots listed as being under consideration or even ordered, but I wouldn’t really put money on which, if any would make it to air (although the Walking Dead spin-off would seem the safest bet). A couple of note-worthy ones:
Preacher: based on the supernatural comic series about a small town Preacher in Texas who’s possessed by the offspring of an angel and a demon. He then sets off across the US trying to find God and understand his powers. I think Supernatural did this plot already.
Area 51 (a “contemporary conspiracy thriller revealing the true story behind the infamous Area 51”, created by Chris Carter of The X Files),
The Sparrow based on Mary Doria Russell’s incredible book, but written and produced by the man who brought you The River and Paranormal Activity 2. No. Just NO!


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